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I am Pascale and will be living in London for a while. You can read all about my brain-dead tourist situations, embarrassing cultural mistakes and see all the pictures and videos I make. I will also post some proper blogs about the work I do to please my parents and teachers. I'd appreciate it if you left a comment. Use the links underneath the top picture to navigate.

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 12:03

Okay I won't be able to go and visit this new place until Friday I just heard, so I'm gonna look around more. But first I really wanted to tell you about yesterday.

I was expected at school at 10.00am for a proper introduction. I arrived a little early, only to find out that they had written me down to help out in nursery because there was a staff member missing. I kindly explained that I had to leave at 12.00 to find a new place for me to stay which they understood - thank God. From what I've seen of the school, it's incredibly international. I was in nursery for two hours and there were children from Germany, Portugal, New Zealand, Italy... they all spoke English, but I could tell that the children that were new to the school were having a difficult time. Then there's the staff. There's teachers from Spain, Germany, Croatia, Ireland and now I've added The Netherlands to the list too.

I'll be working with Helen, who I will be meeting later in the week again to speak things through with her.

Then at 12 I left, called Dripta and he said that he'd go after things for me (which he did seeing as I might be moving into something new tomorrow). So with that behind me, I was on my way to Wembley Park to meet Carys and Siobhan because I had a pair of 'The Cube' tickets. If you don't know what The Cube is - it's a nerve wrecking English game show, youtube it. This was a special McFly edition of the game in which one of the bandmembers was winning money for charity. After waiting in line for quite a bit, we got inside and were warmed up with something to eat and to drink.

The actual Cube of The Cube

The audience!

Whilst waiting for the filming to start, there was this crowd entertainer who basically explained everything about the clapping we had to do and when to do it. He was also just asking the audience random questions and making jokes to make everyone laugh. I quickly had to go to the toilet when this man was chatting to people where they had come from and how long they'd been waiting outside. When I got out of the toilets I ran into Dougie - this was awkward, I managed to squeeze out a quick hi before he went into the mens toilets. When I sat back down, the crowd entertainer was still chatting and I'd noticed that Giovanna, Izzy and Georgia (the band's girlfriends) and Sam and Paul (Dougie's parents) had joined the crowd right where we could see them. When the crowd entertainer was rounding of his story, he suddenly went 'Before I leave, I just heard that there's someone in the audience that has flown in from Holland especially for the show, it's Pascale everyone!' and whilst I was shocked that this man was pointing at me, I got a standing ovation from the crowd. Embarrassed much? Yes - the lobsterface kind.

Tom of McFly had to get into the cube at it was amazing to see how everyone was behind him and encouraging him. It was really fun to watch (and VERY nerve wrecking, especially when the crowd had to be completely silent for one of the games Tom had to do and Dougie was laughing whilst Harry and Danny covered his face with their hands). In between the setting up of the games inside the cube, this crowd entertainer would come out again to do little chats with the audience. This happened about 8 times. He'd addressed me again to teach him some things in Dutch - that's when Phillip Schofield turned to me and asked 'Who's Dutch? I can say something in Dutch!' when I asked him what it was (mind you this was all whilst the entire audience was listening as well as McFly) he said 'Grote Klootzak'. I was impressed with what he'd said, but of course no one had a clue what he'd just said to me. So when someone asked, he went 'How rude is that?' to which I went 'Pretty rude.' Then he explained it meant big dick and got the whole crowd cheering. Later when the crowd entertainer turned to me again, Phillip tried to say something to me in Dutch about red bicycles in a canal but I couldn't make out what he was saying - he was basically makes a lot of Chhhhgrr noises.

Me, Siobhan and Carys outside Fountain Studios

When the show was finished we all waited outside for a bit until the band came out for pictures. They were all lovely. As I was filming Danny with my hand through the gate, he suddenly walked up to me, took the phone from my hands and signed the back of it before I could say anything. I went 'No!' and a couple of girls around me gasped. He awkwardly wanted to give me my phone back, looking kind of shocked when I said it was filming. He then turned his face to the camera and said "HI I JUST SIGNED YOUR PHONE!" Happy coincidence, even though I didn't mean for that to happen.

Anyway. Good day.
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