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I am Pascale and will be living in London for a while. You can read all about my brain-dead tourist situations, embarrassing cultural mistakes and see all the pictures and videos I make. I will also post some proper blogs about the work I do to please my parents and teachers. I'd appreciate it if you left a comment. Use the links underneath the top picture to navigate.

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This is the end, but baby, don't you cry!

Saturday, 21 May 2011 18:07

Yesterday was one of the weirdest days. Helen let me do whatever I wanted to do, go where ever I wanted to go and just basically enjoy my last day at Saint Christina's. At 10:30am I was working in Year One when suddenly Georgia came in and told me that they needed me up in the staffroom. I had to go immediately. A little confused I went up to the staffroom and found all staff, standing around the table which was set with cakes, drinks and the chocolates I had brought in the morning, all laid out. Nathalie gave a speech that all the deliciousness on show was in my honour and spoke about how amazing I had been and how they would've kept me on the school if they could, how they never expected someone 'of my quality' to come in and become a part of their staff etc etc (basically a whole load of crawling up into my ass, but I enjoyed it) and I got a present! I got a lovely designer bag from Selfridges (chosen by Alan and Helen who'd gone out shopping for me). Then I got to say a few words about how I was going to miss everyone etc. etc. and I got a round of applause before we all dug in.

At the end of the day the staff had a BBQ with lots of drinks and a karaoke machine outside on the playground. My parents came to pick me up and I got to show them around the school and introduce them to everyone. Without exception, everyone I introduced my parents to, told them how amazing I was and how they were going to miss me so much. My mum kept saying how 'good of a job' they had done -cough- but yea, anyway... we had a drink before I really said goodbye to everyone; hugs all round!

Throughout the day several staff members had been telling me to keep in touch and that whenever I'd get back to London to let them know. It's nice to hear, but at the same time I knew that people were just being nice to me. What else do you say when someone leaves, right? But then Conal, the Year 5 teacher, pulled me away from everyone and in all seriousness said that I really should keep in mind that after I finish uni, I should definitely come back for a job as a TA. He's from New Zealand and knows how British people are always so nice to your face, but how they can turn around and make nasty comments behind your back. Being polite is something that people learn to be in the UK, and not something they necessarily really mean. He explained that people haven't only been complimentary to my face, but also behind my back so that I should definitely keep Saint Christina's in mind for the future. That definitely made me think... so who knows what will happen in the future?!

After quickly packing up, leaving Bethnal Green, forgetting something, driving back and then leave again we were on our way home and didn't arrive until 1 at night. Now I'm back home in The Netherlands and I've got shit loads to unpack; seriously, how the hell have I collected so much crap over the past couple of months?! This is insane.

I guess that for now this is my last blog, but as I said before, who knows what will happen in the future.
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Hum yourself a lullaby...

Thursday, 19 May 2011 18:41

This week has been pretty fun. I saw Charlie Simpson; we smiled and waved at each other which has thrown me right back into the crush I had on him when I was 13. Cue Busted songs. Also, I got serenaded at the tube, which was very awkward, but pretty awesome in a weird embarrassing way. I have been on a schooltrip to the Bank of England with both Year One classes which was a lot of fun! Helen has given me the evaluation today which is nothing but good words, all very professional on school paper and signed by Helen and Nathalie. Later I'm going to go over to Olly's place; the little poppet is ill and I haven't seen him since March, and since I'm going home tomorrow, a visit seems in order!

At school everyone keeps counting down my days which is funny but also annoying. In some way it feels like I'm really part of the team since everyone knows I'm leaving and is asking me lots of questions about what's going to happen next etc. but it's also annoying because I don't want to leave. I have decided I want to stay. Of course this isn't happening, but that doesn't mean that I don't want it. Beatrice said not to worry; she reckons I'll come back. About six years ago she came to the school as an abroad student from Colombia and now she's in her third year of working as a Nursery TA at Saint Christina's, so she kept saying "Who knows!"

Tomorrow mummy and daddy are coming over to pick me up from work, and even though that sounds really childish, I am stupidly excited! I have tried to pack up most my things; I've found lots of things I have brought all the way over to London but have never used here, only to now take it all back to The Netherlands again. Shows how much of a packing disaster I am. Any packing tips? Leave them in my chatbox at the top of this page! Signing off now!
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My last week!

Monday, 16 May 2011 13:40

My last week in London has officially started. Booo!

Last Friday was interesting as a Dutch girl came to visit to the school. She had an assessment with Helen to see what level she was on foccussing on maths, reading and writing. This girl had never spoken English before, so they asked me if I wanted to be the translator. I said yes. This has been the first time that I've actually really spoken a lot of Dutch in the school... and it wasn't as weird as I always thought it would be. I had a nice chat with the mum too and got to give them a tour of the school.

Now, ehh... London?! What's wrong with your weather?! I'm sorry but I've checked the forecast at least 15 times yesterday and again this morning. It said it'd be 24 degrees today, so here I am, summer dress, little make-up and flipflops... I swear it's only about 16 degrees and I am freezing my balls off. Well, I would be, if I had balls.

I have managed to already pack half the stuff I had cluttered up in my little room. Seriously, where do all these clothes I haven't worn ONCE come from?! There's three suitcases full with clothes I decided I won't be wearing this week under my bed and half the stuff that used to be on my shelves, in my drawers and on my desk is now (sort of) neatly packed in two massive shopping bags. I've already taken posters off the walls, thrown away food in the fridge that has been in there for far too long (I now know what happens when you leave half a cucumber in the fridge for over a month) and realised I still had some food in my kitchen cabinet. I had forgotten about it really, but I found lots of coffee, tea and soup as well as some sugary peanuts my parents brought me when they were over here in January... nice.

In the meantime I'm also giving Twin UK lots of new clients! There's new students coming to work at this school in September (a girl from Germany and a girl from France I have heard) who have asked the school if they could help them with accommodation. First person Nathalie goes to? Me. So now I'm just passing on Twin UK's information so that they can get a room in the building I'm in now and from there see if they can find another place that's closer to the school (which I eventually gave up on). I don't mind really, I'm happy to help! I wouldn't want what happened to me to happen to anyone else!

Okay, rounding off. Fangirl mode ON: Tonight I'm seeing Charlie Simpson live! Ok bye.
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