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I am Pascale and will be living in London for a while. You can read all about my brain-dead tourist situations, embarrassing cultural mistakes and see all the pictures and videos I make. I will also post some proper blogs about the work I do to please my parents and teachers. I'd appreciate it if you left a comment. Use the links underneath the top picture to navigate.

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37 sleeps

Saturday, 18 December 2010 14:05

Just been bombarded with e-mails from teachers about the abroad placement and what we all need to do. No old news, it was just a good reminder of what is expected of me. What did surprise me a little was that either Jan or Piet (jesus, can their names be ANY more dutch?!) might come and visit us whilst we're abroad. Now, they did say that they'll probably just go and see the students in Ireland but I have the odd feeling they'll come and see me too, just because I'm a free-mover. I wouldn't mind showing them around and generally impress them... actually, I would find it quite awesome if they came to see me!

I have started a what-to-pack list. Inspired by Suzanne, who has done the whole thing in excel, I have started my own excel file with what to bring, and in what suitcase to put it. It's a lo-hooong list so I'm incredibly pleased with my parents bringing me another suitcase full of my crap a week after I've arrived.

Still 37 sleeps, which is more than a month, but it feels so much closer! Also, my goodbye-party at work will be January 23rd and I welcome you to come and have some cake too.
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