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I am Pascale and will be living in London for a while. You can read all about my brain-dead tourist situations, embarrassing cultural mistakes and see all the pictures and videos I make. I will also post some proper blogs about the work I do to please my parents and teachers. I'd appreciate it if you left a comment. Use the links underneath the top picture to navigate.

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Saturday, 15 May 2010 12:27

Another bad email.

Dear Pascale,

thank you for your enquiry. Sadly we are not looking for additional Teaching Assistants at the moment and all of our placement positions have been filled.

Best wishes

deputy headteacher
Stewart Headlam Primary School

Well at least he emailed - I know it's a he, I deleted his name from the email - and didn't leave me guessing.
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Pour moi?

Friday, 14 May 2010 20:52

No e-mails today. Looked at more housing options.

Loft style studio flat with wooden floors ideal for a couple. The building has own coin-operated laundry facilities and is close to the tube station (Willesden Green) and the overland train station (Cricklewood Thames Link) 24 hour buses and supermarkets are also very close by. Free wifi. Availabe from 3rd Jan 2011. £185.00 per week.

Pour moi?
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Thursday, 13 May 2010 11:48

Got another reply on this grey hung over morning. Not sure to be happy or sad about this, not sure what they even mean all together.

Dear Pascale,

I have forwarded your request to my leadership team, who will get in touch if they have the capacity to host your request.

Head Old Ford Primary School

Left her name out - she ended email with first name. Respectful me. Am afraid this is kind way of saying 'no way you're not getting in here'. Might not be, but not sure as I said.

Today fun day, evening out with the girls. Get to talk about London all evening. Going out for dinner, then film, then slumber party in guest house. Restaurant going to is the one I work at - will be interesting. Requested sitting in the back with six of us, so boss will hear me talk about London. Scared to tell him. Had minor break down I went to England for long time in 2007. Said I scared him to death, was in bad mood for a week. Better hear bits of information of it now and be prepared for official talk. Still far in future though.

Still waiting on more emails. Send them!!

Edit: forgot to tell you. Remember Blue Gate Fields Junior School? Read back previous post if you have no clue. Decided to email them back. Was bit rude. No, not rude, but bit forward. Said they couldn't have me until next year - next year being a maybe. Thought about that for a minute. Next year. That's when my work placement starts. So what's the problem? So asked them again.

No reply yet.

Edit: Reply from teacher on other mail! Don't check it as often, only just thought of it. Wants to see me next week to talk about the good email from Sr Christina Primary School. Didn't sound excited or impressed in email. Bet he secretly is. Then he explained what a police check is as if I'm stupid. I've gone through this process couple of years ago and he knows it. Maybe he forgot. Will make sure to remember him of it next week.

Starting to believe only good email that I got will be the only one I will get. Better start looking into good school and fetch more information. Will stop talking now, this blog has reached ridiculously long length. Sorry!
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Wednesday, 12 May 2010 13:41

Today I was a little bored in class, so I did a sneaky 7 more emails.

Avondale Park Primary School
Bevington Primary School
Fox Primary School
Oxford Gardens Primary School
Park Walk Primary School
St Charles RC Primary School
Thomas Jones Primary School

While emailing, one of my classmates Irene caught glance of what I was doing. She asked if it was about abroad placement, so I explained the whole thing to her. She smiled approvingly and said it was exciting. Agreed. It's very exciting.

No more replies today. Maybe later though. Added up, I emailed 51 schools - of which two didn't have a valid email address and four replied. Just four. Three of those are 'bad'. One is good.

Onto another issue. I started looking at flats and studios in London for me to stay. I am shocked at the high prices! I did manage to find a good website with the cheapest (even though it's not really cheap) housing options in central London. So, I saved that to my favourites. Then I thought of the money my grandparents gave me a couple of years ago. I was meant to save it for my future. Well, it's the future now, so I'll probably use that money for housing. Clever thinking.
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Tuesday, 11 May 2010 15:41

I received no emails today. Sad? Not really. I've got this very good friend, Ric, who apparantly has a very boring job, or just doesn't have to do a lot, and decided to help me a little. He's e-mailed me with lists of more schools to email, so I'll be very busy with that now.

I decided to reply to all the good and all the bad emails. I'm trying to sound incredibly nice so the school who turned me down will realise what they're missing out on. I've told good one I will be in touch with one of my teachers and hopefully they will hear from me soon. I've also e-mailed teacher - I think he'll be impressed with one school already telling me I can come over if I want to. He was very sceptical when I explained my ideas to him in Oxford - he told me I would have a hard time... it isn't so hard after all.

Wish more schools would reply. Do they even read their e-mail?

I've e-mailed 28 more schools with the help of the lists Ric sent. One email address didn't work - 27 left. I'll list them.

Arnhem Wharf Primary School
Bigland Green primary school
Bonner primary school
Blue Gate Fields Junior School
Canon Barnett primary school
Chisenhale Primary School
Clara Grant Primary School
Culloden Primary School
Cyril Jackson Primary School
Globe Primary School
Hague Primary School
Halley Primary School
Hermitage Primary School
John Scurr Primary School
Manorfield Primary School
Lawdale Primary School
Old Ford Primary School
Old Palace Primary School
Our Lady’s Primary School
Seven Mills Primary School
St Matthias Primary School
St Peter’s Primary School
Stewart Headlam Primary School
Thomas Buxton Junior School
Woolmore Primary School
William Davis Primary School
Wellington Primary School
Then I received an e-mail 5 minutes after sending. Bad news.
Dear Pascale,
So sorry, we have no vacancies at present. Perhaps we'll need someone next year but right now I can't offer you anything.
Bluegate Fields Junior School

So Bluegate Fields is a no-go. Now there's still 26 left, plus the ones from the earlier e-mail mission I did last Friday. I'll wait for more replies until the end of the week, then I'll email even more schools. I feel as if I'm betraying 'good school' St Christina's, but I just want to have as many options as possible. Eventually I want to pretend to be Simon Cowell: have couple of schools, see who have potential and send them through to next round until the best school is left. Perhaps I watched too many Britain's Got Talent videos yesterday.

Right. The waiting for more replies begins.


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Monday, 10 May 2010 13:19

Waking up to bad news shouldn't make one want to be grumpy all day. Urghh.

Thank you for your email.
However, we are unable to offer a work placement to you.


Senior Admin Officer
Christ Chruch Bentinck C of E Primary School

I've seriously got no idea why so many school say no. I'm only helping them (unpaid is an option). I'm not a criminal - I added my curriculum vitae to the e-mails, so they know how much work with children I have done. I don't see how saying no to me would be their best option. Ok. Next email please?

Dear Pascale,

Thank you for your interest in the school. We may be able to offer you a placement on a voluntary basis but unfortunately are not able to offer paid employment. We would require a letter on headed paper from the college you are studying at and the equivalent of a police check.

Kind regards,

Head teacher St Christina's School

Yes! Good sign! I'm not sure what to reply. Should I even reply at all? Wait for more emails seems fair, but I am happy they are interested in having me. Only down side being... it's not paid. I need get college paper and print the letter on it (letter of what? the e-mail I sent? why?) and pay 30 euros on a police check. Would it be okay if I just tell her I'm not a criminal? Excited still. Next?


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Sunday, 9 May 2010 13:01

Help me get there please? I'm accepting all tips and tricks and money. Money, yes. You can donate if you really love me (only if you really love me, otherwise I'll feel guilty).

Since I'm incredibly busy with London in the back of my mind, I m suddenly getting really excited for the summer. It's only been a week since I was in England, but I can't wait to get back now. It's not a secret: I'm in love with England. Have been since age of 13. In summer I'm going to London and will stay there for 4 nights - not a very long time, but longer than last time I was there: 2 hours. That's right, I've been to London for two hours, spread over two days. It's kind of a weird story, but I was on a coach ride from Bournemouth to Manchester and had a stop in London - on the way there and on the way back; together two hours. I did manage a sneak around Victoria Train Station then, but nothing exciting. I'm going to London with three stunning friends in the first week of August. If a school will invite me in before that time, I will make sure to go over and say hi.

I want to go. Now.


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