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I am Pascale and will be living in London for a while. You can read all about my brain-dead tourist situations, embarrassing cultural mistakes and see all the pictures and videos I make. I will also post some proper blogs about the work I do to please my parents and teachers. I'd appreciate it if you left a comment. Use the links underneath the top picture to navigate.

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Back to work!

Monday, 14 March 2011 18:20

I missed a week of work due to illness. When I got there this morning, everyone was extremely happy to have me back... it was a bit weird. I felt like they were joking, but Helen looked me in the eye and said "We even discussed taking your passport so you can't go home". Err... alright. I just smiled and pretended I wasn't freaked out. Definitely not complaining about the fact that they've missed me, but they sort of left piles of work on my table so I've been all over the place today.

There's some sort of company that's coming in this week to check 'the quality' of the school. I don't know how else to put it since I don't know the actual terms, but everyone's been going mental about how the school looks for outsiders. Everything's nicely filed up (in Helen's office that's mainly because I've been sorting through lots of ancient documents) and the displays need to look perfect. If there's anything up on display that's not of educational value, it'll make the school lose points... or whatever, I don't know how this works. Anyway, apparently Helen has told everyone about my brilliant creative mind so I've been working on everyone's displays today. I did one in the hallway, two in Helen's room, one in Year 2 and one in Year 3.

It wasn't until the end of the day that someone said to me; are you alright? I must have looked a little pale, because I got sent home immediately. I'm not complaining, I do feel pretty drained.

In other news; I broke the doorhandle of the staffroom door today. I went to open it but pushed it by accident and somehow locked us in. No one could open the door from the inside (luckily you can go from the staffroom into the library and get out that way) so Steve - the janitor - had to come to fix things and broke the entire doorhandle off the door. Way to go Pascale!
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