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I am Pascale and will be living in London for a while. You can read all about my brain-dead tourist situations, embarrassing cultural mistakes and see all the pictures and videos I make. I will also post some proper blogs about the work I do to please my parents and teachers. I'd appreciate it if you left a comment. Use the links underneath the top picture to navigate.

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Oh wow...

Wednesday, 2 March 2011 19:26

Just as I was about to type up this blog, something AWFUL happens right outside my window.

So whilst I try and get over the shock of that, I'll just tell you what happened this week. Work at school is pretty awesome. There are a couple of new trainee teachers and I am no longer 'the new one'. One of them is actually a Belgium woman called Nathalie who is absolutely hilarious. Before it was just me boring everyone with my stories about The Netherlands, now it's me and Nathalie boring everyone with stories about The Netherlands and Belgium as we compare absolutely everything.

Anyway, today I was in Year 3 for most of the time because Justin has done something wrong with his neck and now he can't move. He basically walks around like a robot (which is hilarious!) so he could use an extra hand in his classroom. It's so funny that he translates half the things he says to Dutch when I'm around, even when he's not talking to me. For example, he was telling his class a story about his grandmother, then turns to me and says "mijn oma" - it cracks me up! I still did my reading with the two French girls, and a new Turkish girl who I have also taken under my wing. In the afternoon, both Reception classes were going to Primrose Hill to do some bird-feeding and they needed some extra people, so I went with them. The sun was out and it was lovely to be outside! Also, I hadn't been to Primrose Hill yet and the view is stunning from up there!

Just so my teachers know; work is awesome! I definitely recommend any other students who want to go to London next year to contact St Christina's! I am also in a little conflict with myself at the moment - working with these foreign children is so much fun that I don't know if I still want to work with teenagers after this...

Now, I better quickly get on with preparing my room for Friday evening when BFFs Celesta and Caroline will be sleeping over for four nights - CANNOT WAIT!
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