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I am Pascale and will be living in London for a while. You can read all about my brain-dead tourist situations, embarrassing cultural mistakes and see all the pictures and videos I make. I will also post some proper blogs about the work I do to please my parents and teachers. I'd appreciate it if you left a comment. Use the links underneath the top picture to navigate.

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BFF Weekend!

Friday, 4 March 2011 18:49

Bethnal Green looking LOVELY!

Don't let that photo fool you - yes, it looks absolutely stunning, and from behind a window it's heavenly, but it's actually freeeezing over here! There's an icing wind that has no mercy for your hands - oh my God, I lost complete feeling of my fingers this afternoon! Before you call an ambulance; they're okay now and still stuck to my hand. Also, I live in a hospital, so calling an ambulance would be a waste.

Celesta and Caroline will arrive in London tonight. I've got drinks and junk food ready, as well as their airbeds and I've rearranged the furniture to create some extra space. My bedside table is now under my desk and at the moment my desk chair is functioning as my bedside table. When we have to put the airbeds down (they're stood upright between my bed and the wall at the moment) we'll just move my chair into the TV room.

I have decided this is my new favourite car.

For the people that aren't my Facebook friends; I recently posted how I seriously love London, and that I'm already dreading going home... which is silly, seeing as I'll be here for a few more months. I think it's got something to do with how different one part of London is as apposed to another; it's got so much to offer! For instance, Wednesday I saw a girl being kicked off her bike and getting robbed by two guys. Today, there was a group of 14 year old school girls, shouting at me how they love my coat and shoes from across the street.

Now it's time to rub off some of that feeling onto my best friends as Gijs just told me that their plane has just taken off! EEK!
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